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We Are Also Proud Partners Of The African Union’s ECOSOCC

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Who We Are .

Regional Centre for International Development Corporation (RCIDC) was established and,Incorporated in Uganda as Organization limited by guarantee and Registered by National NGO registration Bureau as a Regional membership-based policy capacity building development organization  (CSOs) that works to ensure that open, inclusive, accountable, effective governance and peaceful societies are at the heart of the Agenda for Sustainable Development, Promote  Biodiversity, migration ,mitigation of climate change and combat of environmental degradation in the region and civil society are recognized and mobilized as indispensable partners in the design, implementation of accountability for sustainable development policies, at all levels.

RCIDC'S vision is to promote uphold rule-of-law, peaceful engagement and principles of transparency, accountability, and citizen participation, respect for human rights. Effective governance and sustained peace in Africa for transparent, participatory and inclusive institutions that are committed and accountable to its people / communities.

To promote a smooth and fair environment sharing platform for peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build strong effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels .environment natural resources management and cultural, economic sustainable development processes in Africa that we want.

Humanity , Transparency and integrity.


1.    To promote accountability, fight against corruption for sustainable development, influence policy, Education, Social Justice, migration, human rights, youth empowerment, women and Gender equality Eliminating all forms of violence against women , counter terrorism, Small and light weapons Control, culture and conservation ,Regional integration, Peace and security, and Environmental Natural Resources management, Agriculture, capacity building, campaigns  advocacy and consultancy.

2.    To Promote  Biodiversity, mitigation of climate change and combat environmental degradation in the region and co-ordinate, cooperate or work in partnership with any local, international organizations / agencies, associations or groups and individuals with similar interest and objectives in promoting better world for everyone to live.

3.    To offer professional Management, Training in leadership, promoting the development of small and medium scale enterprises (SME) to become the main vehicle for enhancing economic sustainable economic growth.


A.  Human rights and good Governance: Women and Youth Empowerment, Accountability, anti-corruption, participatory democracy, Conflict resolution, Non violence, reconciliation, dialogue, Unity, sustainable development.

B.  Conservation of environment:  for sustainable development, Climate Change and campaign for green city, mitigation of climate change and environmental degradation for green community, carbon free world, social ecology, Sustainable Natural Resource Management, for cleaner health green environment.

C.  Professional Research and Documentation; publication and reporting, Photography, dissemination, advocacy and development of community socio-economic for sustainable development.

D.  Agriculture for Community Development and sustainable food security, Nutrition/Income security, appropriate technology, Revolving fund Credit Schemes for Gender empowerment,. We believer in bilateral Partnership: at all levels /cultural exchange in all other   sectors.



RCIDC Location

  • info@rcidc.org
  • +(256) 414 374085
  • Postal Bulding Kampala Road
  • 4th Floor P.O.Box 11236 Kampala